Guest Post – Life with Anna

The words to my teammates had barely left my mouth when Adele perked up and said “ME!” I hadn’t expected such enthusiasm to the query “anyone wanna write a guest post on my blog?”I gave her free reign to tackle any topic she wished, and so as strange as it feels to have a post that really is all about me, I could not deny you, dear readers, of another perspective of life over here.

So. No Further ado: Life With Anna, as seen from Adele’s eyes:


When confronted with an opportunity to be a guest on Anna’s blog I jumped at the chance, knowing this was my way to let the world know what I’ve been going through the last six months.

First impressions:

She’s kind of bubbly, and may even be able to compete with my dorkiness, if she tries really hard. She looks like a camper. I like camping. Mostly because it means we don’t have to sit around painting nails and brushing hair together (not that there’s anything wrong with that, just not my cup of tea).

Yay for camping?
Yay for camping?

First week after training:

Had my first experience of culture shock when she said the words “pencil crayons.” I just stared. These Canadians are weird people. They’re called colored pencils. And no, not coloured pencils, colored pencils. Ok, this post won’t be a bash on Canadians, in fact, I’ve come to love my northern neighbors, very much so. But back to the Canadian camper I call my roomie.

Outside room #5 of the 8 that we have been roomies in so far.

Things I love:

Her vocabulary. It’s stellar. I also love that she asks me what I’m thinking about at least three times a day, and when I ask her it’s almost always something like, “well, I’m just not entirely sure how to spell phlegm.” Or, “I was remembering when we had that pee race in our apartment.. I should have won.” I especially love that her and I are two peas in a pod. We are the same personality type. And have now started saying things like “we don’t like not knowing expectations.” And “we enjoy a good debate every once in awhile.” It has yet to reach “we have to pee” but I’m just waiting for the day. I also really love that she tries so hard to satisfy my need for hugs. A for effort Anna. About a C for actual hug quality. But that’s ok. I appreciate your attempts.

Matchy-matchy lunches. Oh dear. 

Things I really can’t stand:

That she ties her shoes every single time she puts them on. I’m a slipper on-er. So much more time efficient.

Things I hope for her:

That the man she marries will not only be socially ept (as opposed to inept), and that he won’t mind that her pinkies are weird and that the wedding ring will probably look a little strange. I also hope she remembers to email me after we part ways. And that when we see each other again, after the parting of ways, when the hug we will share will be especially awkward, that she will just soak it up and humor me.

Buddies. Let’s-climb-a-mountain-and-try-not-to-die Buddies.

Things I will miss:

Everything. Even her shoe tying habit, and especially the way she finishes my sentences. Even though she finishes them wrong about a third of the time, she never lets that hinder her determination to finish them right.

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  1. Shawn Bird says:

    Ha ha. That was an interesting view, and I learned so much about Adele in her reflection of Anna (There’s that whole ‘when you point at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you’ thing in action). Pencil crayons! or “crayons de couleur” in Quebec.

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