Photo Friday: The First!

Due to my lack of facebook photo-chronicling, and my desire to share with you a better picture (or several) of life over here, I am now implementing


In which I commit to joining so many others and faithfully chronicling something of our dailyish life via 1 or more photos, each and every Friday.

You may now place your bets as to how long this will last.

(The cynic in me says 2 weeks. The stubborn in me says 2 months. Realistically, it might be every other week till June.)

Week 1 of Photo Fridays, Week 38 of the Fifty-Four:



The Leader Meeting: After a some tasty bowls of soup for lunch, Adele, Gloria, Marie, and Steve meet to plan for this week’s Youth Group. Such a serious bunch…

Taken at UBean Coffee House and Roasterie, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They generously provided a room upstairs where weplay games and have a short talk with about 20 kids each Wednesday night.

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  1. I love that we are all doing very different things here…..none related to the other.

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