A Processing Poem

Ma heart is troubled
And my battery low.
(Not literally me,
my computer’s, you know.)

It’s the middle of the night but now I’m awake
Thinking of life and the the things that we face.
Had youth group tonight and it was a doozy –
Played with TP and some other stuff too-zy
And that was all right, and really was fun,
But that wasn’t all; the night wasn’t done.

Heard prayers that night too, requests and rejoices
And darnit, God, I sure like them voices
‘Cause they belong to your kids and they’re awfully swell,
But you know that, you know them so well…

But you know there was something about hearing them pray
For Kara and her friend’s suicide yesterday
And Marie and her baby that’s soon on the way
That flips all my emotions and they kinda fray…

Hearing one girl’s story on the way home that night
Of accidents and rolling and oh-what-a-fright
But they were okay, and I know that’s from you.
I’m excited to see what else you will do
With that girl ’cause she’ awesome,
This much is true.

And I lay here and figure, well I figure I guess
I just keep keepin’ on and doin’ my best
To listen to them and to listen to you
Not sit here at night and let these things brew
‘Cause that doesn’t help much, ‘stead I’ll bring ’em to you.

And my heart’s not so troubled, when I tell you these things.
It’s time to sleep now and see what morning brings…

*As per usual, names may or may not be changed

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  1. Robin Bjarnason says:

    You sure can write, girl!! Thx for sharing your life and Life. We got your postcard today. Delighted. 🙂 Just said goodnight to Ben & Carmen at end of bible study in our living room. We all miss you!

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