A Selfie Interview: So How’s Mongolia?

An article in which the Annalist’s editor –in-chief, Ms. A. Louise Brown, conducts an interview with the protagonist of this site, one Miss Anna Brown, on the broad topic of “So How’s Mongolia?”


Ms. A. Louise Brown
Ms. A. Louise Brown

Editor-in-Chief: First of all, thank you for your time! I know our readers are interested in hear from you. It’s not everyday we hear of a young lady like you trekking off to Mongolia, of all places!

Miss Anna Brown
Miss Anna Brown

Anna: The pleasure’s all mine! I love sharing stories, so feel free to stick around a while and peruse the pages! I wish I had time to write more down for you, but maybe one day…

E.I. Chief: So tell us, is Mongolia actually as cold as we think it is?

Anna: Well, yes and no. Depends what you think cold is! The weather is actually very similar to my hometown in central BC, Canada. Winter temperatures can get to -40 degrees Celcious, but offhand I’d say the average temperature this winter has been -20. The nice thing is that it’s a ‘dry’ cold, so as long as you layer up it’s not too scary. This week has been the first week of +temperatures; I think we’ve hit +3 once or twice now!


E.I. Chief: According to my research, Mongolian food typically involves some sort of meat, dough, and fat. What’s your favourite dish?

Anna:My favourite Mongolian food is called Peroshki, but maybe that’s not fair because it’s actually Russian! It’s basically a deep-fried bun with meat and vegetables in it.


E.I. Chief: So, we have to ask…weight-wise: gaining or losing?

Anna: You’ve heard of the Freshman 15? Well here, we call it the Mongolia 45 : )


E.I. Chief: You’re studying Mongolian. Do you have any favourite Mongolian words?

Anna: Oh yes! Today’s top 2 might be Bumbroche (teddy bear) and Be chkissen! Like Beach Kissing. It means “me too” : )


E.I. Chief: A lot can change in 7 months… Have you noticed any changes in your life because of your time here?

Anna: Well, I like the colour orange now. I’ve always disliked orange but it’s everywhere here, often paired with a bright blue-teal colour. I love how bright it is.

On a more serious note, I’ve become more liberal with my hugs and kisses. I would also say I’ve learned to be more intentional, especially in the area of relationships. When you see a potential friend and you know they will only be here four weeks, act fast!

I think most of what I’m learning now will show up when I go back home though and realize how different things really are.


E.I. Chief: I’m not sure I’ve met anyone immune to homesickness. What do you miss about home?

Anna: Mostly, I miss sharing life with people I love in Canada. I wish I could be there for my brother’s grad year and friends when they go through rough stuff, but I know that this is where I’m supposed to be these days. I don’t regret being here, I just wish I could be in 2 places at once!

I miss my brothers. I really miss driving; I’m excited to go to a Tim Hortons, and also to have ‘normal’ tasting milk!


E.I. Chief: And now, the question we’ve all been waiting for – what do you think about long-term missions? Is this something you feel called to do in the future?

Anna: To be honest, I don’t think much in terms of ‘long-term’ or ‘short-term’ or even ‘missions’ anymore. I figure it all comes down to this: loving God, then loving others. And where ever God takes you along that path, be it a lawyers office or a kitchen table or a bus in Mongolia, if you are loving God and loving others missions will be there. If God brings me back to Mongolia one day, I’d probably be okay with it.

But have no fear, I haven’t heard any direct orders on that yet!

E.I. Chief: Well, thanks for sharing, Miss Brown! We look forward to hearing from you again. Best wishes on your every adventure! We think you’re pretty awesome.

Thanks so much! We’ll have to do this again sometime! I think you’re pretty awesome too ; )

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  1. nita says:

    Good to see you love yourself, as we are told to love ourselves as we love others or vice versa.
    re. the peroshki, man, that is Mennonite fodder! Except we’d pronounce it more ‘pereshki.’ and the lame grandkids just call them meat buns, at grandmas. My mom never really made them, but Stan’s does. They aren’t my favourite. Mustard or not.
    I love your answer to the ‘missions’ question. We had a girl on my team who was so obsessed with ‘where in the future’ that her mind never was quite on where she actually was. I guess there are those who really get direct ‘callings’, but for the most part, we have such great freedom to do what we want to do. but freedom is a slippery truth to handle so people feel ‘safer’ (or more justified) with ‘God told me to do this,’ so I really have no choice, ‘and neither do you in accepting my claim’. And when things go terribly wrong on that front, God tells them to come home. (AND I’m not saying that that never happens! I’m just saying, why overspiritualize?) We make decisions. We try to weigh a need that we see on one side of the scale with our gifts and abilities and desires in the other, all with the intent to please God in all our choices. But many have a God who isn’t terribly easy to please. On the other hand, many Christians are wussies and have a spirit of timidity in regards to quests for the Kingdom. I don’t see much wussiness in you Anna Brown and that gives me joy.
    Was reading in Jn. 13 yesterday where Jesus is about to wash the disciples dirty feet. He has a surprising motivational moment. Preempting the action, He ‘realizes that He is all powerful, came from God, and was soon to return to His rightful throne.’ So, (with that good reason in mind) he strips, puts on a towel, and does the rottenest job in the place. Ha! So often we equate ‘humility’ with ‘thinking lower of ourselves’. Your ending words of the blog reminded me of that. Because you are pleased with who God made you to be (you love yourself), and you know that God is pleased with you (it doesn’t depend on ‘if you make the right choice re. mission appt.) you are happy and ready to pick up the towel wherever you are. Yay Anna Brown!
    Well, as usual, a creative blog. Its a part of your ministry while in Mongolia. N

  2. Anna says:

    Good thoughts for the beginning of the day. Your comments always pump me up nita!

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