Five in a Row: Once Upon Eternity

I was tired. Kids were screaming. It was a landmark day of someone important to me who has died, and my body was fighting to stay healthy. I took the wrong bus AND was late that afternoon. Supper was taking too long to cook, and we were on our third set of time outs.

And then something unexpected happened.

I walk into A’s room for the ‘are you ready to play nicely’ speech, and find her wailing. Not because of the time out, but because “I just want to always be a baby…!!”

Which leads to a conversation about a whole lot of rabbit trails and ultimately, a fear of death and a yearning to be loved.

We talk about what happens when you die. We talk about heaven.

We talk about who Jesus is, and what he’s like. We talked about how he made A. and how he made her on purpose. He knows how many hairs are on her head every day! He has good plans for her and likes her A LOT.

We talk about how we’re not good, but God is. We need him to come clean us up, and he made a way to do that a long time ago, even before we were born, but that was a part of his plan.

A. starts sobbing again.


We pray. We talk to Jesus about it and she asks him to come take her heart and always be with her and live in her heart. We pray that he will show her how to live like he wants her to and not for her, because without him we’re not good.

A. wants to live with him for forever.  And so she will!

It was a day that started and ended with heaven and tears, but I liked the ending a whole lot more.

And now, once upon eternity, you might meet a certain Mongolian girl dancing in heaven, being with Jesus forever.

Which is worth all the screaming kids and burning pots in the world.

Two Sisters I get to spend eternity with. A on the left, S on the right.
Two Sisters I get to spend eternity with. A on the left, S on the right.

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