Five in a Row: Chronicle of Sick

I have a new little series for ya’ll.  The next five posts will all be glimpses of life in the last week. Lots of things have been happening, but my blogging dedication has been lacking, so I’m just going to sit down and do it.

5 days, 5 short stories.

And these ain’t the kind of short stories one studies in English class; be warned.

These are just stories. And short.

Once upon a Saturday there was a 20 year old girl who woke up fully intending to tackle another day at the foster home. She was staying at the home for 2 weeks so the mother could attend an out-of-country conference.

However, this morning the girl had a stomach that fully intended on expressing itself.
Dramatically. Talk about conflicting interests!

The stomach won and the girl was confined to bed, with only queasiness and aches to comfort her. Sleep came but occasionally, so the day was spent listening to audiobooks and texting instructions to the boys, who were covering at the foster home. There was also a lot of horizontal-head, one-eyed, one-finger typing on facebook.

The word of the day: “Pathetic.”

However, though the day was miserable, the girl (let’s call her Anna) learned a few things:

1.  Vomit is a good thing. I feel better when I actually vomit. It’s proof that I’m sick. I’d way rather spend the day on the bathroom floor (thankfully I didn’t) than several days with a bad cold, moping around the house. It gives me peace of mind to know that I reuly am sick, and not simply wimpy.

2. Moms are the best. Even when they’re not your own, even hearing from Moms can make a sickee feel better. Or at least loved.  Thanks for all the moms who showed me some facebook love last weekend!

3. Illness is really just an opportunity to practice self-control. At the new apartment Adele and I are sharing, we have another roommate for a few weeks, and her and a friend were both there this fateful day. I guess you could say I’m a “Preffered Private Puker”, because I managed to hold my stomach in check for a whole three and a half hours hoping they would leave before I really did upchuck. I still lost the waiting game, but was surprised at my ability to truly put ‘mind over matter’.

And then for the next two days Adele and I limped around and nursed our ailling bodies (she’d had a cold for ages and a nasty nasty cough) and did basically nothing. I’m feeling 96% better, and Adele has antibiotics, so things are looking up.

There you go. A very bland short story to go with that very bland weekend.

I know. Pretty life-changing stuff, eh?


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