Imperfect Pictures

Sometimes the moment captured in time is not the moment you aim for.

  Sometimes just as the squirming 6 year old stills,

the curious toddler comes and places his forehead smack-dab in the centre of the camera.

Something Here
We like Eye Spy

Sometimes a crappy camera makes an otherwise fun, candid shot into a too-bright, blurry one.

Cold and bumpy adventure!
Cold and bumpy adventure!

Sometimes subjects are uncooperative.

Sometimes they moove (haha),

leaving you with the priceless photo of a headless beast

that serves no purpose whatsoever.

Countryside Cow
Countryside Cow

Sometimes, your subject is plain old naughty.

How exasperating!


Sometimes a weird haze shows up for no reason at all:

M & a Friend
M & a Friend

and Sometimes you get a whole ROOMfull of people,

and NOBODY is looking in the right direction!

Playing Mafia at YouthGroup
Playing Mafia at YouthGroup

Sometimes heads get cut off.

Four on a Windowsill
Four on a Windowsill

Sometimes it looks like you have to pee.

I have a knack for pulling off the I-have-to-go-NOW pose. Rarely intentionally.
I have a knack for pulling off the I-have-to-go-NOW pose…

Sometimes, you look just plain crazy.

Hooray for Care Packages!
Hooray for Care Packages!

Sometimes, on top of everything else  –

the picture simply doesn’t do justice.

Taylor's Buddy
Taylor’s Buddy

But see, I’ve learned something.

Imperfect pictures are simply proof:

     Life is messy.

And sometimes,

     You’ve just gotta get over it.

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