String of Adventures

I found a Happy Place.

Put me in the back of any bumpy vehicle, I’ll be  pleased; be it pick up, snowmobile, quad trailer or boat. Saturday before last my happy place was a a Series 77 Land Rover crammed with 8 people, 2 poodles, and a picnic lunch.

Adventure Time
Adventure Time

We were going for a day of exploring the country –

Alright, so maybe the term ‘exploring’ is used lightly here…We were really just being tourists and seeing all the sights of interest that were located within an hour or so of UB…

Even so, it was fun.

We began with the 131-foot tall statue of Chingiis Khan (Gengis Khan, for those not familiar with Mongolian pronunciation) the most famous Mongolian of all.

Adele and I were probably much more impressed with breathing clean air and walking in snow a foot deep than the shiny metal guy, but still, he was kind of impressive too.

Look! It's snowing! Well not really...
Look! It’s snowing!

Next stop was out to Trelj – a national park with a big ol’ 5-Star Hotel by the river with pony rides and such. We just poked our heads in the hotel, smiled at the people there, and played by the river.

Frozen water is a lot of fun.

Sahiohoih and Taylo
Saikhnaa, Taylor, and our ice-man inukshuk
R&M! aka Mr. & Mrs. Wonderful

Teget (then),
back at the landrover I ate the third best aelim (apple) I have ever eaten,
plus some hot drinks and about 1500 cookies.

Next up,

Turtle Rock!

Ohoto Credit
Photo Credit to our Rad Friend Al, who joined us on this adventure plus a few others

Turtle Rock is a unique rock formation out in the middle of nowhere (er, outer Mongolia).
We climbed up the back and squeezed through some cracks and holes to pop out kind of on his shoulder.

Life Lesson #95: Always bring proper footwear on Adventures!

The boots I was wearing have negative-traction on flat pavement in the city…so climbing slick ice-covered, slanting rock was maybe borderline stupidity
it was alright in the end!
90% of my decent was spent scootching on my bottom so I guarantee next time my hikers are coming along.

Comin' up the Rear
Comin’ up the Rear
Stony Corridor
M & one of the pooches.
M & one of the pooches.

That there picture right above may look like a little nook in the rock, but it’s actually a literal hole-in-the-wall that we each had to squirm through to come out onto the turtle’s shoulder-shelf.

It made me thankful that:
1. I am small (jijick)
2. We built snow tunnels as kids.
Seriously, I think it prepared me for tight places in a poofy winter jacket.

Can you find us?
Can you find us?
On the Shouler
On the Shoulder

By this time you might think we were exhaused.
Well, maybe we were…but when you’re in the neighbourhood of a Tibetan Buddhust Monastery perched on the edge of a mountain it’s only polite to drop in, right?

So we did:

Photo credit to Al. My poor camera’s battery was frozen by now.
Prayer wheels at the monastery. (‘Borrowing’ from Al again. Thanks Al!)

Ask me about this one day. It was an interesting place.

We didn’t stay long, for we had a timeline to follow.
On the way home however, we managed one more brief roadside visit!

Before Saturday, I would have told you I’ve never been inside a cave.
Well, I can’t say “I’ve never” anymore!

Al & Adele
Al & Adele

Rumour has it that in the Communist Era this is where several Buddhist monks hid for some years.

Rumour also has it that it was below -40 Degrees Celsius in there on that particular day.

Since I am neither Mongolian historian nor trustworthy estimator,
you’ll have to decide for yourself if these things are true.

For those who are curious, my hand is on the roof as an acting brace. The ‘floor’ was slanted and my boots – perilous.

All in all, it was an entirely enjoyable day, filled with some fun and cool (haha) places, but also with great friends, laughter, and discovery. And that’s really what makes the best memories, methinks.

Darra Oatsee!
(see you later)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. nita says:

    I think monks have a very different sense of what is a good building property than what I have.

    1. Anna says:

      I forgot to put a picture of the view. You may have changed your mind had I added it. Unbelievable…

  2. Shawn Bird says:

    Any day spent with poodles is a good day! Your companions are a nice size- they look to be smack between OJ and Dusty’s heights. Turtle rock is quite something!

  3. Lori Ann Schmalz says:

    I’ve just spent the last half hour reading through all of your blog and the team’s blog. Anna, it sounds like you’re having the time of your life. Enjoy it, savour it even when the going gets tough. You truly are experiencing God’s grace. Thank you for the uplifting little mind travel you gave me on a quiet Sunday afternoon here in Yorkton!

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