It’s been really cool to see God working around us the past few weeks, especially when I know that it’s not because of my own greatness or work. When I see my own sin and weakness it shows me just how much of a privilege it is that God chooses to use us despite it. He doesn’t have to use me. He doesn’t have to show me what he’s doing. I have no right to either of those things, yet he chooses to share with me anyways. That’s pretty awesome.

My team has really enjoyed working with one group of youth who are mostly the kids of missionaries here. You might be surprised at how many white/English-speaking kids are actually around! We’ve started a youth group on Wednesday nights and it’s been encouraging to hear from the kids and parents about how much they enjoy it. The first night one girl came who had just returned to Mongolia after 6 months in America. She told us how much she enjoyed youth group and how that afternoon she had been sitting at home kind of homesick and missing her friends in the States, knowing that it was Wednesday, and they would all be getting ready to go to youth group. Then, our host mom called her to invite her to our first youth group! She was stoked. I guess I’m learning that it’s pretty cool when you realize God is using you to answer somebody else’s prayer. Another Mom called us to say thank-you because her daughter had so much fun that she could barely sleep that night. Talk about encouraging feedback!

I’m also learning that loving and blessing people does not have to be complicated. The last thing starting youth group has taught me is that obedience is important. This is what God put in front of us, and when we followed through with it he did some cool things. The best thing though is knowing that he’s not finished yet!

I also want to say I’m not telling you these things because I want to brag about how great ‘our’ youth group, or what great Christians we are, or anything like that – I’m telling you this to share God’s stories and to show how I have seen that God cares and works through us. To be honest, I wasn’t even looking forward to youth group. I thought we were kind of disorganized and there would barely be any kids. I was also holding onto the fact that I don’t like teenagers more than I was claiming the fact that God has great plans and is bigger than any of my worries. In short, my attitude sucked.
I’m excited to say that Wednesday nights are now my favourite night of the week, and I can’t wait for God to keep up the good work. Even if I never see what else he does through this group, I know he is working. It’s none of my business what goes on in anyone else’s lives anyways : )

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  1. Susan Anquist says:

    Isn’t it incredible how God can change our perspective on things. You may never know the impact that your work with the youth group will have for eternity. I love your obedient heart. Mrs. Anquist

  2. Eva Bedard says:

    Don’t you just love it, when God in his great awesomeness, uses us in spite of hang ups! Rejoice with you.

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