A Day in the Life: Trekkin’ Style




Drag self out of bed and prepare to face the day, physically and Spiritually:
(Read the Biblio, journal some, and meet with Jesus in prayer.
Shower, brush teeth, and dress.)


Meet with Adele and Jesus in prayer.


Put the frying pan & water on.


The boys arrive at our apartment.
Add eggs to the water and watch ’em poach!

Eat eggs and toast.
I’m so glad I can cook : /


Team Devotionals and prayer time or worship.

Yes, I'm expecting a 'dork' comment for that caption. :D
Adele-belle & her geetar!


Put on 12 layers of clothing…


…and leave on our 40 minute commute to school.
(15 minute walk, 25 min bussing, 10 min walk)

The lie we walk by, uder-bur (every day).
The lie we walk by, uder-bur (every day).

10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Language school!
We point, we speak, and we fill out mouths with cookies.


Lunchtime! Either at a Mongolian Gwanz or the boys’ apartment.

The rest of the afternoon:

This is where our schedules vary day-to-day. We might:

Host Bible Study
Run youth group
Teach English or guitar lessons
Have mentor-time with our missionaries
Run Gym Class for the home-school Co-op
Act as traffic control and hug-dispensers at a kids club in the ger district

We also ride the bus a lot.
Or walk, or play large group games.

We play a lot of board games too.
We tried to tell Steve & Taylor that God can free them from their addictions but The Bean Game was just too much.
Then we lost it.
They’re in withdrawal.
You can pray for them.

(Just kidding…)


8:00 p.m.

We hit “THE WALL”.
This is where Adele and I no longer function as normal human beings
and instead turn into zombie-like creatures and stare vacantly at walls and faces alike.

So then

We go to bed.

Good night!

Oh just read the picture, people.
Oh just read the picture, people!

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