An Encouraging Start

Tonight was youth group. The first of many, I hope. I even survived.

I confess: Teens scare me. I didn’t even like them when I was one!
But, lo and behold, they might be growing on me.

But back to tonight. There’s a significant number of MK’s (missionary kids) around the city, and one of our team’s goals was to start up something to bless them during our time here. If all goes well it will be continuing on after we leave, in the hands of a young woman living here for a few years.

All went well. Games, cookies, you might know the drill. We were hoping for more than 4 kids and 13 came. Yeah God!

The best part though?

A girl named S, who thanked us at the end. She told us how she has just returned to Mongolia after several months back in America and was at home (a wee bit homesick) thinking about how it was Wednesday. Wednesday was youth group night at home, and that’s where all her friends would be…

And then the phone rang. It was M, calling to tell her about youth group.

God is Good : )

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  1. Rose Loewen says:

    Wow, Anna, I find this so wonderful!!!!!….. God is good!!!……. may He continue to to fill you with His plans for the work He has for you and the team to do there……. love reading your postings….. happy, blessed 2013…….. Rose

    1. Anna says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words!

      Entirely unrelated, my team watched “Prince of Egypt” for our team time today and I can still sing half the words to one of the songs we sang in choir once upon a time. And it’s in Hebrew, to boot!

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