Wonderful Things 101

I recognize that the world has a lot of warm fuzzy posters out there and everyone has a personal list of favourite things that inspires one to burst out in spirited songs about girls in white dresses and snowflakes and roses and all, but I still choose to add my own into the realm of warm fuzzies tonight.

Appreciative Anna is winning out over Oh Cynical One at the moment.

Relevant to this week is as follows:

1. Reading Out Loud.

2. Friends and roommates who play the guitar until all hours of the night.

3. Warm socks. -40 at night is okay but I’m not ready to talk about my -35 afternoon yet. I’m focusing on the socks.

4. Kids who fight to hold your hand.

5. Ice cream and peanut butter. Oh yes.

6. Listening to people’s Stories. Prepare yourself. I’m asking for yours when I get back.

7. Anne’s Shirley and her notion of Kindred Spirits. I found one this week. (Or did she find me?)


Short & sweet, right? Have a happy Christmas, all : )

One Comment Add yours

  1. Merry Christmas Anna! Love from the balmy -17 in PG! Warm socks rock! So do little kids. 🙂

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