An Exercise in Imagination

I’m going to say it. People these days are vastly negligent in the use of imagination.

Not only do I think that we’re missing out by coasting along in our spoon-fed society of instant updates and photo’s galore, but my own pictures are (still) having difficulties in being uploaded.

So today, please read! Read and envision life over here.

Imagine a cold gym on the fifth floor of a strong, rectangular building. Pretend there are fourteen youth bundled in several layers of winter clothing trooping up the stairs to change from boots to shoes and shed coats and tuques to make mountains of winter clothing piled on benches at the side. Think of kids of Korean decent, African heritage, and New Zealand accents. Can you see the two Canadians? That’s me and Taylor, working out the rules to ultimate frisbee. It’s been a long time since either of us were in gym class, let alone leading one. Today was the last day of the homeschool co-ops gym class before breaking for Christmas. In January it will start up again, with Taylor and I leading while the regular volunteer teacher is away.

Now think of a candle. Candles are spellbinding. The little flame attracts the eye and the glow that radiates around is entirely compelling. Can you see the third pink candle in the wreath that was lit for Advent last Sunday? The Bible school is used by about 4 different churches each Sunday.Ours meets at 4:00pm and on this particular Sunday you might imagine a certain young lady in the third-from-back row who gave up on keeping her eyes open in the hot, hot church. There went her head again! It would have been rather amusing to watch that head with the ponytail jerk up so frequently, had it not been me in that chair. I was perkier when my four little friends from Sexsmith came to show off Sunday school pictures and play finger games after the service.

Do you have time for one more? 2 girls in white shirts. One Christmas party, location unknown. 4 Trekkers from Canada and a very cold day. Steve’s playing the guitar in the background and the walls of the after-school centre are covered in brilliant displays of colour. (Mongolians are very artistic.) Since Plan A (teach English at the after-school program) was usurped by Plan B (Regular schedule replaced by a Christmas party) and Plan B conflicted with our previous schedule (said Christmas party would start 2 hours later), we stepped to Plans C and D. We held our weekly team meeting and then two of the girls arrived so we partied it up with our own little jenga and “Guess Who” party. A game speaking only English, a game in Mongolian, and back again. Phrases like “Is it a man?” and “nootnee shiith?” passed back and forth along with giggles, groans, and big big smiles.

It was a good day.

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