I just walked past a woman in the stairwell.

She was there 4 hours earlier, when Adele & I arrived at the boys’ apartment. She stood in the corner and said something to us in Mongolian. It sounded like a question. We looked away and ignored her.

We’re foreigners. We can’t talk to you, even if we tried!
It would be frustrating, uncomfortable, and pointless.

So we let ourselves in to the apartment.

We unbundled our layers, put on some rice, and headed for our computers. We had reflections to write, emails to read. I checked facebook, did some dishes. Ate an apple. Put on music. Discussed supper, ate.  Steve came home. We relaxed. Had some blissful, blissful down time.

Then it was late, and time to go home. As we bundled up and shuffled out the door I paid that woman a second thought in the day:

Oh. That woman – I hope she’s not still there. Now that would be awkward!

She was.

For 4 hours.
Right. Outside. Our Door.

In a Mongolian winter.

And I walked by her. Again.

It was not what Jesus would have done.


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  1. shonadaowna says:

    what would Jesus have been doing in Mongolia?

    1. Anna says:

      If Jesus were in Mongolia, I think he’d be loving people. I think he’d take the time to talk to people, and ride the bus, because that’s where the people he’d like to hang out with would be.

      I think Jesus would have made 2 cups of tea and went and sat with that woman in the stairwell and looked her in the eyes and listened to her.

      (I’m not sure what kind of response you were expecting, but that’s what I think anyways. Thanks for the question. I like questions that make me stop and think.)

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