Language school is fun.
No really, it is.

Spending 15 hours a week learning Mongolian is not something I ever thought I’d do, but it’s something I have been enjoying!

We get to point a lot, like this…

Thanks guys, for so naturally pointing for us. 
Nope, definitely not staged, not staged at all….

…as we learn item names and repeat repeat repeat them.

The other day we had 51 food names introduced to our vocabulary.
Well 50, plus “food” itself, which I still can’t remember.

We still have a long ways to go.

Um, Hi Taylor.
“Fruit”, for anyone who wants to know is “jims”

Sometimes we ask each other questions too. But first we greet:
San, San bano!

Then we very slowly and stiltingly ask things like
What’s your name?
Where are you from?
What are you doing?
What did you do yesterday?

And my all-time favourite:
In-you-ay?? (What is this?)

Like I said, we point a lot.

Sometimes we go into the other room, sit on the couches, and eagerly wait for our teacher to name the things in the room so we can point at them in real life. And of course, parrot each word accordingly.

No really, it’s fun. I’m serious. C’est tres satisfaisant!
Oh shoot. My brain keeps reverting to French. It’s very troublesome.

Adele & Oyuna (our fantastic teacher) emailing us our homework (audio of new vocabulary)

We can also build a surprising amount of simple sentences, in both present and past tense.

My birthday is….
What is your friend’s name?
I am going to the …store, etc.
Where is the old lady?

Sometimes we say some pretty funny things. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.

Today I had fun practicing the “do you like” phrases with Steve. My favourite creation?

Does you baby’s grandchildren like mayonnaise?

Me and my “I-have-to-smile-for-the-camera face.”

Yeppers – language school is fun!

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