The Case for Trek!

Sometimes I get asked Why TREK, as opposed to various other short-term missions organizations. Well, here’s three reasons I think so highly of this program and will advise it to anyone looking for a strong, Christ-Centred organization to help them learn to be like Christ and challenge them to grow and serve:

(PS: To learn more about what exactly this program IS,
click on the MB Missions website Here)

Accountability & Mentorship

Not only are you paired up with a stellar mentor to meet with during training, they make you pick a mentor at home to meet with at least once or twice before you come, and once a month for 6-10 months AFTER your trip to help you debrief and process life and to pray for you throughout your trip. And also to give wise council etc. All those good things. As much as the whole “mentorship” idea sounded kind of formal and intense, it’s not that bad : ) It’s pretty sweet actually.


I can’t believe how practical, relevant, and challenging training was. Some of our speakers were Bible college presidents, missionaries, and speakers who travel all over the world speaking on their topics. And it’s all based right out of the Bible – I have honestly never flipped through my Bible so much as in some of the sessions we were in. That being said, it’s all very real and interesting, not dry lecturing at all. The fact that there are no tests or mandatory notes or anything also really helps – I pay attention because I know I’m only hurting myself if I zone out. It’s like a year of Bible school in 8 weeks, and you actually take it seriously because you only get 8 weeks. It’s all incredibly solid stuff, and taught in a very hands-on, safe yet challenging way.


I think one of the biggest weaknesses of short-term missions is when you have an extremely impacting, life changing and challenging time where people are challenged, grow spiritually, learn about themselves and the world, and then come home to be dumped off and expected to go home and have a nice life and keep being a good Christian.

Trek doesn’t do that.

After 7 (or 3.5) months of being in a different country & culture, being surrounded by a very close and spiritually strong community and having a truly life-changing experience, I don’t think it’s fair to send participants home without a chance to prepare themselves for the next step: re-entry. Trek does that. 2 weeks are set aside to help combat jet-lag and teach you what to expect when returning to life in Canada.

Because really, you won’t be the same as when you left.


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