Cast of Characters: The TREK Edition

Lay-dies and Gentlemen! BOYS AND GIRLS!

I am proud to in-tro-duce to you to-day
a team like NO OTHER!!

Born of 4 different mothers, leaving sisters and brother,
Raised in four corners of two neighbouring countries,

we are joined together
on one mission.



First Up! Please welcome into the blogging world, Our Fearless Leader…


One of several CBC-ers (Columbia Bible College) involved with Trek this go around, Steve is originally from way over in Ontario but has spent recent years here in Abby. Our foreman is a people-loving, tea-drinking fellow with a trademark arm-fling that accompanies many an announcement or enthusiastic comment. He also makes oneheckuva cheesecake! Having travelled to Mongolia a year ago with MB Mission’s ACTION team, Steve has already tasted the flavour of Asia and is excited to return.








Moving on to Teammate Numbah Two, let me intro-duce to you…


A man of few words, most days Taylor can be found in his grandfatherly chair in the great room, dressed in a neat sweater or warm hoodie, noting quiet observations of the world around. Taylor is a solid champ of balut and his selflessness is evident to all. A studied chap of english and history, he enjoys a good deep conversation and makes a great listener.







Shifting to the more female half of the team,
meet ADELE!

From Fresno, California, but with roots in Montana, Adele is the most wonderful and down-to-earth roomie I could imagine. Gifted in music and awesomeness, she is also the middle child with two brothers. In addition to this, we rejoice in sharing many more similarities ranging from valuing independence and personal space to strong feelings against wet shoelaces. I am always learning from the example of seeking and humility that Adele sets, and look forward to getting to know her more in the next eight months.


Yours Truly



And of course, c’est moi!


An odd mix of serious and spunky, this girl is having trouble describing herself today. From the great white central North of BC, I am well acquainted with my long johns and do enjoy adventure, so I look forward to Mongolia with eagerness. I love kids, have a curious nature, and tend to ask a lot of questions. In our team setting, I was surprised to realize that my role will indeed be that of both the girly-girl and the crier. And that, dear readers, is really strange.



Called, we came. Clad in wool socks and sweaters, we go.  Disciples making disciples; this is our aim.
Gentle, but steadfast; quirky, but nice.
This is Team Mongolia.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nen says:

    Steve: yay CBC! (from a fellow alumnus? alumni? I’m not sure, but I recognize the importance of grammar)
    Taylor: I don’t know what a “solid champ in balut” is…..
    Adele & Anna: I am a middle child with 2 brothers as well. You two sound like you are very well suited. Anna as the girly-girl… interesting thought.

    Wonderful to “meet” your team Anna! Seems like you guys will blend well together. God is good!

    1. Anna says:

      Balut: fertilized duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. As part of a team-building exercise, Taylor ate 2 of these, promptly vomiting after each bite. He’s a trooper.

      Thanks for the comment Nen! Hope you are all well : )

      1. Shawn Bird says:

        Taylor is a champ, but I’m still not sure how duck embryos build teams. Sounds like quackery to me….

        (Oh yes. I DID say that!) 😉

  2. Mandy Plante says:

    Anna!! Have fun! We will be thinking of you and praying for you 🙂 8 months is a looooooong time!!

  3. nita says:

    Balut, huh? It is the one weird foreign food I simply could not force down my throat. Then again, my ’embryo’ had feathers and looked ready to fly south for the winter, had it not been cooked. Had it been a quarter of the size, it could have been swallowed pill-style with a swig of coke.
    So, you? The girly-girl crier? The Mongolia Magnolia? I never would have thunk it. Thanks for the update.

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