I met a girl named Allie

It’s not normal for a fourteen year old to drop five-syllable medical terms during a conversation with a middle-aged woman and a 20 year old girl she just met and to think nothing of it. At least, it’s not normal for most.
When it happens though, I can tell you –  it’s a pretty humbling experience if you’re the 20 year old girl she’s talking to.

This week I met a girl named Allie.*
For Allie, this is her new normal.

So many of us long to see the numbers on the scale go down, but when 131 changes to 96 in five weeks, we all know something is wrong.

So many of us allow frustration to take over when the prime parking spaces are full and we are forced to walk 20 meters further to get to the store, forgetting that for some it is a daily feat of determination and physiotherapy that gets them 20 feet down a hallway to a waiting wheelchair.

So many of us think responding to small talk to the grocery cashier is awkward. Try talking to a teen with an NG tube up their nostril and who knows more about how our bodies work and what happens when they don’t than you should ever want to know.

A few days ago I accompanied a friend to BC Children’s Hospital to drop off a care package to an acquaintance. Forty minutes later I walked away humbled and thoughtful, with renewed compassion and hurting.

This world is so not perfect.

I am learning about humility, hope, and gratitude.
I am so blessed.
Are you?


*Not her real name.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nita says:

    Very insightful article, Anna Brown.

  2. Rose says:

    Love reading your blogs, Anna…… yes there are so many things we need to learn as we walk with Jesus……. keep learning and following…….

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