Now & Then, Part 1

Something I don’t like? Forgetting to pass along important information.
Something I do like? Lists!

Last week we were finally able to package and send out our prayer cards. I apologize for the lateness – there was some technological difficulties with the photocopier or something. All I really know is that when we finally prayed for our prayer cards they came that afternoon.

Life lesson #9? Pray sooner than later. It makes a difference.

Anyways, Now that they’re all sitting in the postal system somewhere I realized I FORGOT a key paragraph in my letter saying what exactly we’d be doing once overseas, so I’ll fill you in here. Actually, that half will come tomorrow.But, if you’ve been scratching your head saying

“So I know she’s doing this ‘missions program’ thing, but what are they actually DOING down there? Abbotsford? I thought missionaries were supposed to live in grass huts in Africa…” **

or maybe

“So M——-, eh? But what exactly is there to do there? Pass out tracts to the yaks and sing Jesus loves me in the wilderness?”

then you should read this post.
With no further ado:

What we’ve been doing, NOW:

LEARNING! x100! Every weekday we have at least 2, sometimes 3 sessions where different speakers come in to talk to us about a variety of topics, including:

Hearing God’s Voice
Intercessory Prayer
Relinquishing Our Rights (one of my fav’s)
Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Authority
Studying the Book of Mark
Conflict Management (We got to put our personalities in colours – Fun!)
Finances and Partner Raising
Holiness & Discipleship
Witnessing or Evangelism (scary words, eh?)
English as a Second Language
Cross-Cultural Relations

Other activities filling the cracks of our schedule include:

Scripture Memorization
Worship Sessions
Work Duties (folding newsletters, raking leaves, cleaning the Mark Centre, etc)
Team Times
Special Events (Hikes, Amazing Trek, Helping out at various events in the community)
Meeting with Mentors

And free time? That’s when we

An example of one of the first weeks’ schedules

Do Chores
Organize shots, paperwork, etc.
Sleep 🙂

PS: Eleven days till I board the plane! Pray for all our preparations – particularly speedy acquirement or visas!
ALSO: Check back here tomorrow night to hear about some of the things our team might be involved in once overseas.

**If this truly is your perception of missions, I wish we could go for coffee and I could tell you that there is so much more! For starters, “missions” or “missionaries” can actually be anywhere in the world – including Canada! Did you know that?

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