In Blundered Haiku


A skirt, liturgy.
Meet new friends, experience



“Familiar” – my Mom!
Her first geocache is fun,
then back ‘home’: a feast!



is int’resting stuff to learn.
Plus, a cousin comes!



Sam comes and inspires.
Practicing what he preaches
Smiles, truth, and mercy.



God answers prayer:
Mongolian apartment
My passport drama



I learn to trust him
open eyes and changing lives.
All night prayer – caffeine!



My future holds hope
for time at the laundromat.
I have no more socks 😦


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Agnes and Bill Toews says:

    Hi Anna Thanx for your emails. I hear that your folks are coming down today to “my” home church…. Heritage Alliance. Tim is a great pastor and we all love hime.

    Hey, it’s interesting to hear that you are heading to Mongolia. A couple that I worked with in Kinshasa Congo ,who now live in Clearbrook spent two years in Mongolia. I think it would be most helpful if you contacted them and they could tell you first hand what it’s like over there etc etc. Their names are Mel and Anita Penner. They are both retired now so time is on their side. I do not have their telephone number but you can find that in the T book.

    I hope this helps. Regards Bill/ Rockridge Canyon

    1. Anna says:

      Thanks for the comment and connection Bill! I’m always happy when I can use my phone book searching skills – Not all of my generation has had the experience, haha.

      Sounds like they loved the church, Paul knows Time from way back when I think. Hope all is well at RR! I hope you haven’t had to snowplow yet.


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