I love life. I really do!

It’s not always been with such enthusiasm, I admit, but the past nine months I have been on a pretty interesting journey of discovery and adventure that has been continually surprising me and challenging me to embrace this life harder and harder.

Some things I love about life:
1. Fires, with friends

For several months now I have been learning about what a crazy God we have. We have a God who likes adventures. He loves us, yes – but he also takes pleasure and joy in us – he delights in us! Have you ever seen a baby with a look of surprise and bubbling-over-laughter who can’t get enough of something? That’s what I think of when I think of delight. It’s one of my top five favourite words actually.

But I digress.

Thing is, I keep being reminded that God gives us good gifts. God isn’t a God who is going to chain us to a life of duty and drudgery because he can or because he’s mean or something. NO! God is a God of good gifts! He gives us passions, interests, and dreams. Did you know that? He can put desires in your heart. Which means then you want to do them! God uses goals, challenges, and dreams that are interesting and fulfilling to us to make a difference in this world and to build His kingdom through us. Things we might even think are are fun! I know, it’s pretty crazy.

2. Adventures!

As I looked back over the pieces of my year, these thoughts were already well ingrained in my head when I arrived at Trek. And then they didn’t stop! This idea of God designing each one of us for a purpose and each with desires and talents and gifts to use continually comes up in a variety of ways. During one session we were asked to think of a time in the last 8 to 80 days where we came alive. My moment was “when I climbed a mountain.” Another exercise I’ve come across is called “Gainers an’ Drainers”, where you look over your day/week /life/whatever and look for something that made you ‘come alive’ (something that gave you energy, made you feel refreshed, excited, etc), and something that drained you. For example, my gainer today was going for a hike and scrambling up rocks as I talked with Kenny. It was great. My drainer was thinking about going for thanksgiving dinner as a group with a whole bunch of people at another new church and being gone for a long time. It just sounded exhausting!

One other session we were given some time to think about how God speaks to us in our heart and to look for things he’s given us that make us excited. I thought I’d share the list I wrote in my journal that day, and challenge you to think about what makes YOU come alive!

3. Roadtrips!

Things that make me come alive:

  • Climbing mountains, riding horses, having adventures : )
  • Doing things Differently
  • Trying/new things
  • Reading out loud
  • Kids
  • Writing?
  •        Sharing?
  • Challenges
  • People who make me think
  • Going places
  • Serving people?
  • Being with good friends
  • Laughing

    4. Friends!
  • Showing people things
  • Exploring
  • Music
  • Seeing God outside
  • Doing a good job?
  • Wonder
  • Crayons, rain and my rubber boots. (spark excitement, creativity)

Where all this will take me, I don’t know. God has plans, that much I do know. I just felt like sharing a bit of life with you today (for life is SO good! So full and interesting. It’s worth it to take a look around!)

And as everyone is listing things that you’re thankful for this weekend, why not take it one step further? Discover something about yourself. What makes you come alive? 

5. The BellaDog [Photo credit to my pal KG]
PS: For more reading on some thoughts that connect to this and other things I’ve been learning this year, check out this great blog post by  a fellow from one of our neighbour-camps up North! 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    I like your list. I’d say I have a lot of those in common with you.
    I would add to mine:
    -Making others happy (which sounds cliche unless you really know what I mean)
    -Facilitating growth in others
    Sharing music that others love.

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