Drumroll Please….

22 weeks ago I signed up for this thing called Trek. 22 weeks of waiting and wondering, and now finally, one of the most anticipated days has come and gone – the day the Trek teams and locations were announced.

16 participants. 3 countries. Several members of the leadership team and one all-powerful God.

The discernment process? A few weeks into the training phase (aka yesterday) the leadership team goes into a room and prays. Then they take each name written out on a piece of paper and start arranging into teams. And they pray. And rearrange, and pray. And they do this until every single one of them has complete peace about what is laid out on the table.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. There’s a little bit of backstory you need to know…


16 days ago I arrived at the Mark Centre (our program’s home base here in Abbotsford) along with 18 other participants. Within the first half hour I had learned of the three possible countries teams might be sent to this year:




And immediately my heart latched onto one of the above. I was excited at the possibility of heading off to this nation but too cautious to allow myself to truly hope. I have a nasty habit habit of disliking disappointment, you see.

I was excited, but cautious. I couldn’t get this country out of my head, and that worried me. I didn’t want my own thoughts and desires to get in the way of accepting wherever it was that God would send me. I didn’t want to risk being upset at being assigned to another location if I decided to ask God to send me to one particular place. Mostly, I didn’t know what God was going to do, and I didn’t know how to talk to him about it.

So I told him that. I sat on the green grassy hill beside the Mark centre one evening and told God that I would really like to go there. Should I mention something to the leadership and let them know of things I knew they wouldn’t be aware of that could influence the decision? Or just let God do his thing? Could I trust him with that? Did he really want me there or was it just me and my desires? I wished he would tell me. So I prayed, and then told God not to answer me right then because I wouldn’t be able to hear decipher his response anyways. My head was too busy and analyzing and full of a million of my own thoughts. I left it with him and said maybe we could talk some more about it later? I would appreciate his insight on this.

The next morning my friend Edith sent me two verses.

They said this:
Call on me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know”*


“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?“**

And I was reminded that God loves to give good gifts to his children. He loves to be at work in us and he loves for his disciples to be involved. He wants to be glorified through our lives and if that means answering our prayers, then we better pray them. I felt like had been given very clear permission and encouragement to ask God to send me where I wanted to go, and so I did. All less than 24 hours than I asked him. (Even though I was ready to wait like a week!)

And then I waited. And prayed some more.
And sat on my hands everytime countries came up in conversation so I wouldn’t get too excited and give something away.

And then this morning when Luke pulled away the papers and read out names, this is what we saw. God said yes!

Did you catch that?


And yes, for those of you with MB connections or are a part of the Westwood community , I will be working with R & M, our very own from PG!!  : )  God is good, and he has great plans! Life with him is pretty cool.

Ta ta for now! I’m off to dream of frostbite and mare’s milk!


PS: I never like Thailand anyways.

*Jeremiah 33:3 **Jeremiah 32:27

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shawn Bird says:

    When I heard the three options. I thought, “Mongolia. Anna should go to Mongolia.” I am, therefore, quite delighted, that this was the place chosen for you, and where your heart lies. How exciting for you. 🙂

  2. Auntie Beth says:

    I am so excited for you! I am sure R & M will be thrilled to have you with them.

  3. nita says:

    Ha ha. I didn’t even know your options and I guessed. I WIN! (I’m just a bit on the competitive side). BLESS YOU ANNA BROWN on your quest for God in Mongolia. I hope you be able to discern what God is working on there, and join in that.

  4. canmonmum says:

    needless to say we are THRILLED!!!

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