Simply, a Late-Night Update

I’m under a silver-dollar moon and breathing crispy night air right now. I’m currently staring up at the stars and realizing that these are the same stars that have shone for basically forever, and seen from all over. Pretty cool, I assure you. Same stars as up North, same stars as PG, same stars you can see, if it is nighttime wherever you are right now. I love it. It’s a good night to sleep on the deck, here at home in Princeton. Here. Home. Huh. Strange words, these seem. The culture shock hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be, but every once in a while something occurs and I blink and think of the different life I led for the last 8 weeks.

(Oh creepy! The coyotes just started up. I hate the coyotes here. They sound maniacal. Really, downright creepy and not natural at all. As much as I dislike any and all coyotes, the Princeton coyotes are the worst.)

Today was my fifth full day out of Spatsizi and my second full day in Princeton. Yesterday I was high on life and wandered the town and finally had my long awaited “Princeton-Peppermint-Fog” at the local coffee shop! This was my happy thought during those weeks up North. When I was finished I was going to go and drink some sort of coffee concoction while sitting on the deck of the shop and do some Princeton people-watching. I didn’t actually sit on the deck yesterday but I wandered around (another hobby of mine, I suppose), said hello to Edith at the paint store, met Liz at the laundromat and just generally enjoyed life. Man alive, do I ever love life. It’s a good thing.

Do you know what else is a good thing? Brothers. And I suppose sisters too – I’m still not used to having one. My Bigger Brother and his Wifey are down here visiting, and 2 paragraphs back I was interrupted to have a chill session out here on my mattress and watch the moon. ‘Twas a good time. Another good time was the day before yesterday when my Other Brother and I drove down South together and despite listening to the same CD the entire 9 hour drive, we managed to have a decent journey. At least, I did. I’m pretty stoked on life right now and he’s recovering from a high-energy summer at camp. He tolerated my silliness and energy rather well. It’s not everyone who can listen to their older sister croon along to the Postal Service and Adele for 9 hours with no air conditioning.

Oh and Prince George! I forgot to mention that part of my trip down! I had a good stopover there – steeped in coffee dates with good friends and driving familiar roads while adjusting to civilization…There is no way that I would be able to see everyone that I would have wished to see, so it wasn’t a very advertised trip, but I had several more spontaneous meet-ups that I thoroughly enjoyed. A cousin-breakfast, a three hour sunset-watching session, and a spontaneous meet-up for coffee at 10:00pm were a few highlights of my 40-hours back in the Peeg! What a whirlwind.

So that’s kind of been my last week. I hope this makes sense – I don’t usually function super well past 10:30 pm, and apparently it’s midnight now. Oops! This coming week I’ll be in Princeton, slowly getting a grasp on my life and organizing it for the 10 months I’ll be away. Banking, hearing appointments, laundry, family time, maybe some baking just for the heck of it! That’s what this week will be. I start TREK on the 9th of September and I’m too scared to count how many days away that is. My brain hasn’t processed that whole chapter yet. I’ll keep you posted as to how all that goes.

Thanks for bearing with me! This is another un-edited post, so you’re getting the raw mixed-up thoughts of an overtired, stoked-on-life, and high-on-human-interaction Anna here : ) Sorry there’s no pictures either! I haven’t unpacked much but I’m already suspecting I may have left my camera cord plugged in up North. Uh-oh. Time to get organized.

Anyhow. Enough.
Good night!

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