Times with Tim, Part One

Some would say yesterday was Thursday. I called it Day 49. Today? Today is Friday, yes, but today is also Day 50! One might also call it the 17 of August of this year, 2012 and apparently that means it’s Davy Crockett’s birthday, as well as Robert DeNero’s (whoever that is)! Yesterday was also ‘Change Day’ in Spatsizi lingo, and a ‘no-fly day’, in pilot lingo. These are the most relevant lables to this post. Do you know why?

Because today we’re going to talk about airplanes.

One specific airplane, actually –

Good ol’Gunk.

Ready for take off…

This is Uncle Tim’s Cessna 185. You could also call it a floatplane, if you’d like.

This is Uncle Tim:

Uncle Tim is a pilot, in case you didn’t put that together. He is a man of many skill and talents, and he can drive lots of things. He even drives the vacuum for me on change days! I really like him. (And no, not just because he drives the vacuum.)

Now, remember when I said it was a no-fly day yesterday? That’s not entirely accurate. As far as I can tell, the term “no-fly day” refers to those days which have weather so bad all the planes are grounded, keeping all the pilots and clients home at camp here for the day. This no-fly day was only for Uncle Tim and his plane. It was time for a maintenance check, where he takes it all apart and puts it back together.

Which, if you know anything about airplanes, means a lot of work.

Or, if you don’t know anything about airplanes, it means something new and interesting!

Any guesses as to which of the above accurately describes Yours Truly here?


Seeing as this was not only a swell learning opportunity and a beautiful day, it was a good reason to wear my explorer pants, so I offered my services and a bottle of ice water and headed down to the lake to spend some quality time with Uncle Tim. It was a good time.

While he did important stuff like look at the engine and put stuff together (‘stuff’ being a technical term here, very complicated, you see…), I sat in the cockpit and pulled some knobs and pushed some buttons and shifted some pedals too. It was fun. I even remembered to set my camera on ‘museum’, because I knew this was an educational setting to be taken advantage of!


Then I got to play at being Rosie the Riveter and use this nifty little tool called a screwdriver and wear a read bandana with the knot in front! I spent some time crouched under the belly and then stretched up to the underside of the wings to screw and un-screw screws and do whatever Uncle Tim told me to. Then he would poke around in the holes I opened up and check my work and look at all sorts of stuff in there. Airplane stuff. Technical stuff. Important stuff. Mhmm… I know what I’m talkin’ about!

Just screwin’ around..

It was a great afternoon.

Me and Uncle Tim got to hang out and I got to see a bit of his world, whereas normally he just sees mine (AKA the dinner dishes). We chatted a bit and I learned some about airplanes, and it was different than cleaning or reading or all the other things I do. Totally worth giving up my nap for. It’s only so often you get to hang out with the coolest uncle around, you know. Plus, he got his inspection almost all done that night, which was also good.

And you know what else? The airplane saga didn’t stop there! We had an event today as well! It was an exciting surprise, but I don’t have time to fill you in on ALL the details right now, so you’ll just have to stay tuned for a Part-Two Post TOMORROW!

Until then, remember – Don’t do anything stupid!


As the airplane dash says…


PS: I think this is the third time that I’ve shown pictures of me wearing the same clothes… please know that I DO change my clothes, and wash them even! Pure coincidence that it seems I only blog with photos of me wearing these, I assure you…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Shawn Bird says:

    Was it your Auntie Brenda who put that sign on the dashboard of the plane, by any chance? I enjoyed your extremely technical and detailed explanation of Tim’s inspection day. 🙂

    1. Anna says:

      Haha, I think it was Tim who put it there, though I’m sure Auntie fully agrees with it. Glad you enjoyed it! Part II is coming up shortly!

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