Like a Letter Home

Dear All,

I cannot get rid of that annoying bar above. Please ignore it until I have time to fight the internet.

It’s been too long since I’ve posted anything of significance. Sorry! Life has been continuing on here, each day pretty similar to all the rest. This week has had it’s fair share of more interesting moments though! Starting with the fact that it is only TEN MORE DAYS until I (probably) head out! Not that life here is all that shabby – don’t get me wrong – but I am super excited to head home and to see all them peoples that I love. Meaning, you. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Yeah, I thought so : )

It’s rained here a lot lately. I don’t mind the rain, except for the fact that it wrecks havoc on my laundry schedulfe. I finally gave up and left a load on the line for 2 whole days because the line up for the dryer was so long I figured that it could either be wet and smelly, if I brought it inside, or wet and wet, if I left it outside. So I did. Oh and I get to wear  my boots around when it rains! They’re super nice for quick trips up to the cabin and back so my shoes don’t get dirty and track mud into the lodge. I do love my gumboots!  Also, it means it’s not crazy hot, when it rains. I like that too.

Yeah Boots!

In terms of people this week has been pretty crazy too. We had a mid-week Otter arrival (remember: airplane, not mammal!) that brought two extra guests who will stay for a week and a half instead of the typical week, as well as the wife of one of the wranglers that was going to come in with the horses (More on that later. Keep reading!). She’ll be up here for 3 months or so for the hunting season, I think to help cook. I don’t always know what all is supposed to be going on here..

Oh right, wranglers. So there’s the fishing season, and the hunting season. I’m here for the duration of the fishing season, which is July and most of August. Hunting season follows and goes till mid October or something, and they use pack horses for that, which is pretty cool. Now, remember the part about there being no roads up here? Horses don’t fit well on floatplanes… so they ride in. This time they had their fair share of adventure apparently. A long story short, the original plan had to be changed. Instead of the straighforward route up the railgrade, they had to make a huge loop through snaky, rought territory that makes the whole trip about three times the effort. There are now 14 pack horses here at Laslui, but for most of the trek they had a whooole lot more (50?). They send horses to a couple of their different spike camps around here. There was also close call with a river and a Robert but everything turned out ok, which is a very, very good thing. Eventually (240km) later, they all made it and now we have 4 extra bodies, which makes the dinner count up to 14 at the table and 4 in the kitchen. There’s a whole lot more dishes but lots of kindling choppers! I’m not complaining about the dishes either, because I always have helpers to dry and even wash. Life is good : )

We had the nicest weather today that we’ve had in a while – so I decided I better celebrate and wear my explorer pants again, so that was fun. I’ve been wearing lonjohns 24/7 again, so this truly is a cause for celebration. The other part of celebrating the weather was a canoe ride! I took Judy, the Australian wife the Australian wrangler, out for her first canoe paddle. We moseyed about under a big blue sky on an incredibly calm lake. It was nice. It was like glass at noon – I’ll load a picture below somewhere.

Oh hey! How about here?


Oh, Exciting News! I almost forgot. We had a PORCUPINE waddle through camp!! I love porcupines! This has not always been, however – when I was little I was convinced that a ‘porkypine’ lived in the bottom of the outhouse hole when we lived up North. I stand firm in stating that this was not simply a childish fear induced by an overactive imagination. Don’t you scoff! I distincly remember waking up to my dad cleaning out the ashes from the stove and chuckling with my mom saying he “was off to go feed the porkypine!”. Then he dumped all the ash down the outhouse hole. It’s only logical. You feed a porkypine in the hole, that must be where he lives! Why would I have any reason to doubt anything my dear parents said anyhow? There I was, 4 years old and scared of the hole. This is a problem, when your bladder is the size of a golf ball! Now not only did we belt out “Oh Canada” at the top of our lungs to make noise to keep the bears away (the privy was a bit of a trek out back), I would collect rocks to throw down before hand to warn the porky that I was there and there was more coming! This, of course is all done in major haste, as I would hold it AS LONG AS I POSSIBLY COULD, in order to use the outhouse a few times as possible in a day. Porkypines were gruff, solitary creatures I did not want to encounter on my own. Can you blame me? I didn’t want quills all stickin’ out of my BUM!! It’s amazing I’m not more scarred.

Yours Truly at the approximate time of the porcupine phobia..

Anyhow. A porkcupine waddled through camp the other day. He was a huge one, too, and black. It was cool. Billy the Pilot chased him off a bit and tossed some kindling at him to see if we could get some quills, but no such luck. It was a fun bit of entertaimnet to break up the dinner dish routine at any rate.

Well, I’m off to take a nap. Days are long here…but somewhat eventful every once in a while, as you can see.


PS: I took my first cold shower the other day since I’ve got here (hot water tank likes to shut off every once in a while) and can I just say that it’s just plain wrong when you can see your breath in the shower?! Ughghhg. I shudder just thinking about it.

PPS: Congratulations! You read all the way to the bottom! Enjoy some pictures!  : )

The best part about waking at 5:30am…
What’s a blog post with no food? Yumm… Appies!
Quality time on the couch with Mr. Gunannoot!
The Otter
Horse, Obviously.
Camp as you see it from the lake.
My cabin is on the far right.


Another Morning


10 Comments Add yours

  1. #1. What do you mean by “probably” be heading home in 10 days?
    #2. Are those the boots you poked a hole in chasing off a wild animal in P-town?
    #3. I laughed out loud, HARD over your dad & the porcupine story, I can relate, as I still won’t let my arm hang over the bed while I sleep….spiders you know. Thank you for that. The whole story made my day! You were adorable when you were little too.

    1. Anna says:

      “Probably” really means “weather permitting.” There’s always the chance that the weather will push my departure back a day or two. Haha, no, the boots that got poked are my brown superstore ones. My gumboots have survived a good 7 years with no holes yet! Glad you enjoyed the post!

    2. Marg Peters says:

      Love your “porkypine” story! We actually had one in our outhouse when I was probably your age. He was not down the hole but was sitting on the floor. My Mother’s response was “How many times have I told you kids to close the outhouse door!” I found you blog yesterday, Anna, and am loving it! (if you don’t recognize my name it’s because I’m your Mom’s friend. I met you when Paul was still Mr Bailey to you. 🙂

      1. Anna says:

        Hi Marg! Yes, I do know who you are! Good to hear from you, and I’m glad someone else in the world has had a porcupine-outhouse experience 🙂

  2. Hazel2nd says:

    oh Anna! how I love your blog. Your pictures are stunning! I’m proud to be your favorite Auntie (I am your favorite one right?) :0)

    1. Anna says:

      Hahaha, hmm…I think you could qualify for favourite auntie….for a price! A chai latte would suffice. haha, jk! You just keep coming for visits and you’ll be held in high esteem! : )

  3. Shawn Bird says:

    You were an awfully cute porcupinephobe! (I was going to use the Latin name to make that look good, but I couldn’t figure out how to work “Erethizon dorsatum.”

    1. Anna says:

      Isn’t it tricky to come up with a name for such a phobia? I tried and failed. I guess I’m just going to stick with porcupinephobe! I like it : )

  4. nita says:

    your photo of 5:30 is one of the best shots I’ve ever seen. It almost inspires me to get up early. Almost. You are allowing the Creator’s genes to show in you in your writing, your photos and art. For some reason, this makes me proud of you. Some things we feel are beyond logic.

    1. Anna says:

      I like the line about the genes; This is what I strive for. Thank-you Nita!

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