Life Lesson # 40

Today as I was working on some breakfast dishes Uncle Tim dropped his plate off at the sink and gave me an observation he’s made. It might have been in reference to conversation at the breakfast table, but I really wouldn’t know. I only overhear snippets of what goes on at the dining room table.

“You know what?” He solemnly caught my eye and said “It’s always the person that cares the least, that catches the most fish.”

“Really.” I said. And I nodded and chuckled, because I believed him. I still do. I’ve seen just enough that I don’t doubt it one bit. Also, Uncle Tim’s observations are usually pretty spot on. He’s a very trustworthy source and you should always listen to his words of wisdom.

Like the tidbit that seemed to strike him as he headed out the door: “It’s kinda like that in relationships too actually…The one who cares the least – has the most power”.


I think he’s right again.

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  1. Uncle Tim is a smart man. When it comes to relationships…some don’t realize they have that power, as they are unaware that someone else cares.

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