The Different Day of the Week

Today was Change Day #5: the beginning of my sixth week here. Usually Change days are pretty hectic and hot and crazy as past clients go out and new ones come in. Cabins and bathrooms have to be cleaned and turned upside down putting new sheets and duvet covers and pillowslips and all that together and The Otter (it’s an airplane, not a mammal. I’m not crazy.) comes and baggage is hauled and loaded and unloaded and produce is packed and unpacked and moved and sorted and dogs are patted and called and children are herded and pictures are taken and handshakes occur and mail is swapped and lunch is served and dishes are washed and people are introduced with names and faces going in one ear and out the other and sandwich forms are filled out and steak preferences written and dishes washed and dried and then everybody gets organized and they all go fishing.

Then I clean the lodge and tackle the laundry pile and sit in a stupor for a bit before napping and getting set up for supper. This is what happens on change day.

However, today, all this happened and MORE! It was great, actually. An email came in early this morning that said some flights were missed which delayed The Otter take off, which meant that instead of a 10:30 arrival at Spatsizi The Otter would arrive around 12:30. This news changed the entire morning’s pace, in addition to the fact that one of our clients offered to show us his Grandmother’s recipe for Latvian pancakes he and some others had been talking about. (This week we had some really great clients – my favourite group so far.) So we had a late breakfast and a laid-back one at that, with some absolutely delectable Latvian pancakes, and a fun time in the kitchen as I got to know Val a bit better and hear a bit of his background and story. I wish I could interact with clients more. People are interesting!

After our wonderful breakfast my boss Carrie checked emails again, only to discover a mix up had occurred – the plane had just left and would in fact be arriving at about 10:30. Thank goodness for teamwork! Ray covered my dishes, Carrie and I busted out the laundry bins (pre-sorted for each cabin, hooray!), Uncle Tim drove the vacuum and we got camp ready for the arrival of The Otter. Only three of the four cabins needed to be prepped in time for the plane, which was great, because as The Otter was unloaded I was putting the finishing touches on the floors with my trusty red mop. We made it, in the nick of time. I didn’t really enjoy saying good-bye to the past week’s clients (I’m nominating myself for The World’s Worst Good-Byer Title; I’m just not good at them at all!) because I really did like them. Carrie and the kdis left too for the rest of the summer and I’m going to miss them around here, but that’s life so I’m not exactly dwelling on it.

The rest of the day was pretty good too – pretty typical and that’s a good thing. I liked doing dishes with Uncle Tim again, and the lime panna cotta for dessert was splendid, as usual. I kind of missed my nap, but that’s a story for another time…

In sum, Day 1 of this week: Survived! The best change day so far, too. The only thing I might change is the number of times I’ve heard “Thank-you Ma’am” in reference to your truly (almost more like “thankee” with the accents)…how impolite is it to point out that I am a MISS? Sigh. Not much I can do. One foot in front of the other, one pot washed after another, just look ‘em in the eye and reply with a smile and say “You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure”.

The First Winged Otter I Ever Did See

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