Our Monday Exploit

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls….I am pleased to announce that a Happening has occurred!

Something other than cleaning! Outside of the dishes! Beyond the laundry room!

Lo, outside of camp even! Yes, ‘tis true – I left and came back. We went, we saw, and we conquered….

The Great Stikine.

The Stikine River

Finding an afternoon with no clients is an extremely rare event around the Lodge. And having such a day coincide with beautiful 28 degree weather is definitely a day to be taken ahold of indeed! This being said, when Billy the Pilot offered to take me and Janice the Cook up the river and leave us with a canoe, I was all in.

The Cub

3 minutes up by plane, and an hour and a half to drift downstream…pretty much paradise.

View from Canoe

After 17 days of the same routine, I hadn’t realize how stifled I was beginning to feel. It’s incredible how much a few hours of blissful freedom can perk one up! But then again, this is one pretty incredible location too.

I got to wear my explorer pants too. A day in explorer pants is a good day.

A Sandbar Along the Way

Anyways, it was really cool to get out and reaffirm my canoeing skills, see a little bit more of this area and actually get out and do something. It’s nice to know a little bit more of what clients are experiencing when they go out. Even seeing Lasloui Lake from a different angle was refreshing! It seems bigger when you come out of the river and it stretched all before you.

The colours here are my favourite part. Blues and Greens of so many hues and shades and patterns all mingling boldly together in a rich contrast of mountains and water and sky.  The wind is quickly becoming a delight to me too. It’s not the hindering, blustery coldness of winter misery designed to blow hair in your face and chill you to the bone that I used to persist in seeing it as. There’s a lot of different kinds of wind.  Here, it’s a taste of arctic chill that’s a refreshing sensation in the afternoon and a blessing to my laundry line. I rather like the wind now.

Laslui Lake, Looking Like Any Other Lake You May Have Seen. Very Lakeish.

Enjoy the pictures, but don’t be too jealous! Remember, this was our one 2 hour episode in 17 days! ‘Twas Glorious : )

8 Comments Add yours

  1. sherryt770 says:

    Anna, my dear Anna. I love reading about your life and your whimsical updates on your view of everything…including wind. 🙂 May God bless you and keep you. May God’s light shine upon you and give you life and life in abundance. Love you my friend. Sherry

    1. Anna says:

      Mmmmm thank you so much! So good to hear from you! Love you lots too! hope your summer is most excellent : )

  2. Don’t you love how these very important life lessons are learned through personal experience? Makes me smile to imagine you at the moment that you learned this one! 😀

  3. Shawn Bird says:

    John and I really must borrow a canoe sometime and spend some time on our convenient lake. I think I’ve been on the water about 4 times in the 11 years we’ve lived on the Shuswap. You’ve inspired me! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your mini-adventure!

    1. Anna says:

      Haha, you should totally go! And then you could write about it on YOUR blog and we could be blog-post-buddies!! 😉 Getting out and getting started is the hardest part of any adventure, I think. Good to hear from you Shawn!

  4. sounds like a great adventure!

    1. Anna says:

      Oh it was 🙂 I do love adventure!

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