Day 1: The Land of the Red Goats

[I will write now and post later, seeing as internet is all the way over in a different building than I am presently in. Current time:10:00pm, June 30, 2012.]

Though this post be brief, it shall be sufficient, for it’s purpose is merely to alert the world I am alive and have not much to say. Sleep beckons me.

26.5 hours ago I officially landed in the ‘Land of the Red Goats’: Spatsizi Provincial Park, where I will be working and therefore living for the next 57 days or so (8 weeks).

Things I’ve learned so far:
Floatplanes are fun.
Mousepoop sucks.
Always teach two-year olds not to pet porcupines before they cross paths.

I have no wild stories yet, nor great mishaps or adventures, and that my friends, is a good thing. Even though there was a slight porcupine encounter, there was no harm done in the end and for that I am thankful. A fistful of quills would be a flight out and an upsetting experience all-round. Flights are fun but they’re not THAT fun. (Or cheap.)

Also, slightly off topic but urgent enough to still mention: To my great dismay, I discovered a typo in my support letter! This actually bothers me to a great extent, and I am distressed that it is not in my power to correct it at all, not even by crossing it out and correcting each one with a pen, for the letters are already printed and miles and miles away from me. So folks: If you receive a support letter from me in the near future, please know that I’m okay with the ugly font, lack of pictures, and too-wide margins, but am not okay with the line about where I’ve been this year. It’s supposed to say the “57th parallel” not the 51st. The 51st is lame. That’s still south of PG even. Any regular geocacher should know that! So it’s the FIFTY-SEVENTH. Got that? Thank-you.

Though I am still not at peace with the mistake, I have done what I can. Time to go to sleep.

Good night!

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  1. Paul Bailey says:

    Hey – If ’54-40 or fight’ had carried the day, 51 degrees north wouldn’t even have been in Canada! Happy Canada Day. Yeah for the 49th parallel!

    1. Anna says:

      It snowed today. I thought that was very Canadian.

      1. It snowed on Canada Day! I thought the rain was bad enough. Lol!

      2. Anna says:

        It melted as soon as it hit the ground, so it barely counts in my books. But it did happen! Sorry to hear you’ve had rain!

  2. Glad you’re there, safe & it’s relatively uneventful! Get lots of rest & take care. So glad you can blog. 🙂

  3. Auntie Beth says:

    Anna – did you catch the typo in your paragraph on the typo? I wouldn’t have pointed it out, but since it was on typo’s I thought it cute.

    Great read – I’m sure you will have many adventures to write about by the end of the 57 days!

    1. Anna says:

      Hahaha yes, I saw it, but not right away! Then I was too lazy to load the edit page to fix it…

  4. sherryt770 says:

    In your list of what you have learned so far you included the fact that mouse poop sucks, I thought you would have learned that fact from Wilderness! 🙂 Speaking of Wilderness, I managed to visit your amazing cousins (Katy-Sue, Zak and Mrs. Stauffer- as Zak loves to refer to Liz as) twice this week. With the encouragement of Katy-Sue, we figured out how to visit Wilderness. I love that place!!! God bless you, Anna!

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