10 Things: Can’t Say ‘I Never’ Anymore [Part 1]

You know those ice-breaker games supposedly designed to be fun but the real reasons behind them all are to ‘get to know you’ and force bonding, team participation, or at the very least, to help you learn people’s names in new and usually somewhat awkward group settings? Growing up at camp, I’ve encountered more than my fair share. Believe me, waaay more than my fair share.

Whoops…Danger danger! I sense distraction and a tangent coming on. SO! Lest I get totally apart from my point, let me tell you that my favourite ice breaking game is called “I never”. Basically, everyone takes a turn stating stuff they’ve never done, and you can gain or lose points if you have or have not experienced whatever it is being stated.

I usually win.

This is probably why I like it.

Anyways, my time here in P-town is coming to an end and looking back I realized that there’s been a fair share of ‘firsts’ that I’ve had over the past few months. So here they are, in no particular order: 10 things I can’t say ”I’ve never’ to anymore…

1. Tried Sushi.  I’m undecided on my verdict. It was alright. I’d have to try it again.

2. Played 9-Square. Where I come from, we play only four-square. 9-square? And playing doubles?? This was something new, but brilliant!

3. Driven a major city in less than 8 hours. All by myself, too! Now we have the choice of 6 or 7 that we can get to in under 4 hours. I feel so spoiled!

4. Been to a Laundromat. I hadn’t washed my sleeping bag after sleeping in it approximately 135nights and storing it for much more. I don’t care what the purists say about washing sleeping bags – it really stank.

5. Ordered something online. I love Amazon. That is all.

6. Put a thermometer in my mouth. Apparently when you switch doctors they like to poke and prod and check you all out first. Yep, two hours later and my first ever thermometer-in-the-mouth experience, we determined I was healthy. Yay me?

7. Been a regular at a coffee shop. This fulfilled a life dream. No, really! Ideally, I’d show up at the same time every week, but due to my inconsistent work schedule this just isn’t possible. However, they know my name at Cool Beanz, the coffee shop, so I’m satisfied. If you come visit me one day when I’m here, I’ll take you out for coffee there. Then maybe they’ll learn your name too : )

8. Tried Longboarding. Also Skateboarding. Turns out I have pretty good balance! I think…Maybe the boys were just being nice when they told me that.

9. Been inside a skate shop. This was on a totally separate occasion from number 8 actually. I learned that if I were ever to be a total poser, I’d pose as a skater chick. A skater-chick-wannabe with some very cool clothes. And bags. And shoes. And jackets. So a very broke skater-poser, but a skater-poser nonetheless!

10. Been consistently mistaken for my Brother’s Girlfriend. Yeah…Ewwww!

If you think about it, we experience new things all the time. It just seems to happen more if we’re aware of them and are willing to put ourselves out there just a little bit. (I mean sushi, really? That was CRAB I put in my mouth! Something that crawled in the ocean! Crawled! I tried not to think about it too much. Ugh!) So what about you? Leave a comment and tell me something you’ve done for the first time lately!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s post of part 2 for TEN MORE First Time Experiences! Be prepared for a little more foodiness and a lot more on perceptions…

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  1. Crab! They crawl on the bottom of the ocean! I like the California rolls, but nothing raw. I saw my son intoxicated. That was my first…and hopefully last time. Lol! 😉

    1. Anna says:

      That’s what I had, California rolls : )
      Can’t say that’s a first I’d like to see either.

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